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Welcome to the Vanished Messenger site.


This site is dedicated to critically minded Gen Xers. The most sophisticated living generation, Xers like us were brought up with cultural theory, punk rock, and DIY ‘zines. So you’ll find that here: Movie reviews with a very X perspective, essays about generations – particularly from a marketing and sociological perspective – and regular analysis of American politics and culture.


Do you want to know what those mischievous Baby Boomers are destroying now? Check out the generations blog. Interested in the fevered hallucination of Peak Oil zealots or survivalist posing as salesmen (or salesmen posing as survivalists)? The American Amok blog scours podcasts and message boards to help you understand the zeitgeist of our era.


Vanished Messenger’s movie reviews have been syndicated throughout the country and are available for reprint to news outlets and blogs. (Click here for more information)


You humble narrator is Randy Moser, an award-winning cultural critic with a master’s degree in the intellectual history of the 1960s and '70s. His first book, Vanished Messenger (sold through this site), has been called “a mystic burnout story of generational apocalypse.”


This site will be an organic extension of this metaphor.


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Want another opinion? Roger Ebert is one of my favorite reviewers and a personal hero.

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