Indigo Children

<Date Unknown>

When people my age were bouncing off walls because our diet was roughly 80% Fruit Loops and 20% Ring Dings, you would never have imagined that we were the evolutionary bridge between the human race and some hyperactive super alien species.

Drugs like Ritalin were created for us, after all, and I don’t think societies put their gods to sleep.

Of course when Boomer kids started bouncing all around the place in the same ways – they ate even worse foods – they weren’t broken, but gifted. Smarter, wiser, better looking, more spiritually aware, these Indigo babies were finally going to prove Boomers’ superior genetics.

Like all Boomer illusions, the problem isn’t just hubris. If Boomer parents (like all parents) believed their children to be special, so what? The world wasn’t going to change if they felt that hyperactivity was a sign from the gods, was it?

Well, yes, it was.

On the micro level, thinking that your offspring’s emotional, physical, or behavioral disability isn’t an issue means that you are less likely to try to find help. Instead of believing that your parenting is a problem, you bring up other children in exactly the same way and tell professional educators – who are so mislead as to believe that that snowflake Johnny shouldn’t go nuts in home room – to buzz off.

You are also unlikely to examine diet too closely because the attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is an integral part of your child’s personality. You’re screwed if simply removing artificial colorings and additives or adding Omega 3 oils turns your little nonconformist into a happy little kid because it means that his or her ‘divine nature’ is ersatz.

So instead you push the delusion through that snowflake Johnny is a celestial evolutionary step in our development into a new species. And while I couldn’t care less about Boomers’ tolerance for self-delusion, I do care about this generation of kids who have been taught that their disability defines them and that any institution that tells them they must focus is somehow totalitarian.

Those Indigo children are today’s Teacup generation, and if Boomers did no other harm than to create kids incapable of the hard job ahead of us, they did too much.


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