Boomer Mindset

Thu Sep 4, 2003

I think it’s their level of self-interest that distinguishes the Boomer psyche.

They were the most examined generation in American history. They were given extensive psychological and IQ tests, books were written about their potential, and they aged in a time when the world seemed to cherish children. They grew up profoundly interested in themselves. The universe seemed to conform itself around them, and they could learn nearly everything about the world by simply examining themselves.

They didn’t turn from spiritualism to money, because neither of these subjects were the real focus of their investigations to begin with. They expressed themselves by using discourse, but the discussions were always about them. This is why the claim that they were co-opted or are now inauthentic is so ridiculous. The only inauthentic gesture a Boomer can make is to pretend to be interested in something other than him or herself.

They used their experiences as tools to uncover different selves, each time certain that this was "IT" -- the finest moment to be alive. So as kids they were arrogant jerks. In young adulthood they were arrogant jerks. Middle age? Arrogant jerks? And as they enter old age? Very, very dangerous arrogant jerks.

As they age, they will increasingly become more self-absorbed, and because they have consolidated cash, they will silence those younger then them. But the media will praise them as being “active” and “vibrant,” not only because the only money inserted into the economy will come from them, but also because it is unthinkable for the markets to imagine a future without the self-interested Boomer mindset. 


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