The generation blog posts on VM actually span three sites. The original VM blog predated by the book by several years, but when we published the book we decided to re-skin the site and start again. Unfortunately in 2009-2010 we lost control of the domain name “Vanished Messenger” and had to restart again with “The Vanished Messenger.” That site lasted less than a year.

I have tried to collect as many of the older posts as I could, but unfortunately many have been lost. If for some reason someone has copies of the old post and would like me to add them, please just let me know. I have also disabled the comment section for the time being.

If you read the blog in the past, you know why I’m doing this. As I get more time to devote to the site, I’ll reactivate the comments section.


Want another opinion? Roger Ebert is one of my favorite reviewers and a personal hero.

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