The Vanished Messenger


“This is a generation without a soul … A blank generation.” - The San Francisco Examiner about Generation X


Vanished Messenger Gen X Novel Cover

You were told you were blank,you had no soul, and that you were a generation rotten to the core. You had nothing to say and no one to listen to you. You were lied to.


The Vanished Messenger follows Matt and Dirk on a cross-country road trip to uncover a dark, generational conspiracy. A surreal and raw book, The Vanished Messenger is a challenge and a declaration-a message in the bottle for everyone living in our time of crisis.


Follow our heroes as they unwittingly stumble into a metaphysical journey through the heart of post-60s America.


Along with them on this wild ride are a ghost trapped inside a CB radio, Kurt Cobain's spirit, Holden Caulfi eld, The Purple Man and the king of the monsters. The Vanished Messenger is a call to arms, throwing light on the true spirit of revolution.

Cavort with cohorts of Generation X as they explore coast to coast in search of their place in the broken landscape of the American Dream.


The Vanished Messenger is widely available as both an eBook and a bound book.


Download the eBook now from the author for just $2.50 by clicking the following button:

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